Chasing the meme hype is like navigating a jungle filled with hidden treasures and booby traps. It's an adventure, but only the brave survive! From this challenge, a brilliant idea emerged: what if there was a project that effortlessly followed all the hype?!


Instead of investing a little in several meme coins that are currently trending, we can invest in a single project that returns a huge amount of all these meme coins to investors. Simply put, this project will consistently follow the hype, irrespective of the current meme coin scenario.

How is this done?

It is clear that it is not possible to reward all investors equally so that everyone makes a profit. Instead, we offer massive prizes to just a lucky few. This is a natural and even expected trade-off in the crypto world. That said, participating in the drawings is very budget-friendly, so it's definitely worth spending a few dollars for the chance to realize your major dream.

Trader vs. Hodler

As with any project, you can just hodl. The day to day trading and speculation doesn't matter to the hodler. However, this project offers something unique in the market. It actively encourages and rewards trading activities. Put simply, the higher your trading volume, the greater your chances of winning prizes. These rewards accumulate much like points earned by traders. Find out more in our tutorial.